Interstate Municipal Utility District

By ensuring vital utilities, overseeing water conservation efforts and developing area parks, Interstate Municipal Utility District (Interstate MUD) is helping to build a better future for our community.

Located along Interstate 10 just west of downtown Houston, Interstate MUD offers recreational opportunities and activities for everyone, as well as convenient access to all of Houston’s most popular amenities. The district also offers a variety of attractive housing options, popular shopping destinations and restaurants, and we’re working to expand the region’s network of parks and green spaces.

We’re committed to developing community and regional parks that improve the quality of life, benefit the environment and increase property values. The development of Rick Rice Park is a reflection of this commitment in action; the park provides lush green space and trails, and it will ultimately connect with other regional destinations, including nearby George Bush Park.

We believe this community’s future is an exciting, prosperous and environmentally sound one, and we’re working hard to develop, support and enhance its extraordinary potential.

District Map